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  • Trained, Tested & Endorsed By Industry Mentors

    Our graduates follow a stringent study plan and undergo rigorous and immersive curricula, and add value to your company from Day 1.

  • Great Team Players

    Every TECH I.S. graduates has worked with a set of tutors/engineers and peers to develop projects and are accustomed to high interaction and collaboration to give the best product or output.

  • New-Age, High-Impact Skillset

    With immersive practice on industrial projects using cutting-edge technology, you will employ codes with great practical knowledge techxpertise!

Our Grads are Highly Sought-After by Industry Leaders

Hire Top Performing Software Talent for your Team at No Cost

Masters of High Impact Skills & Driven to Perform

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    Talk to our team about your team requirements or email us with what you are looking for with skills specifications.

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    We will review your JD and send our top performers equipped with the right skillset and personality to fit your awesome team!

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    Start talking to prospective candidates to prescreen and evaluate them.

  • Make Your Best Hire!

    Post the selection process, make you new best tech hire, at no cost and effortlessly.

  • Don’t Miss Out on the Next Set of Tech Leaders, Innovators and Thinkers from the TECH I.S. Tech-Force!