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Merging The Latest Technology, Pedagogy And 24/7 Services

Upskill & Upgrade

We introduce our students to one-on one hands-on “learning by doing” experiences in technology education, allowing them to upskill and construct a portfolio upon completion of the six-month certificate program as a technology professional.


The Faces Behind Our Success

Our Work Inspires Smiles

  • Futoshi Ito

  • Hayato Kato

What Can We Do For You?

We Solve Real Problems

  • 1 On 1 Counselling

    We introduce our learners with 1 on 1 hands-on learning

  • Data Science

    Learn in-demand technical skills to kick-start your data science career

  • Web Programming

    Learn 14 programming tools & languages & much more

  • Career Support

    Get a dedicated student mentor with proactive support every step

  • Web Design

    Learn to create responsive web application with professional guidance

  • Skills Learning

    Predictive Analytics using Python, PHP, MySQL, HTML, etc


What Our Students Have To Say

We Love Them

  • Yashwant

    Web Application Developer

    Yashwant has joined the Web Application Development program at TECH I.S. He narrates that the course motivated him to start programming and finds his learning experience with TECH I.S., the 24/7 tutor facility, and the curriculum to be astounding.

  • Hironobu

    Software Developer

    Meet Hironobu, after starting his career in the defense services, he made a career transition as a Software Developer. That has been a life-changing decision. Here, he shares his views on why he started programming, how he benefited from the TECH I.S. curriculum and his message for future cohorts of TECH I.S.