(Frequently Asked Questions)


  • Who is eligible for the CPP payment plan?

    You are required to possess a High School Diploma and be a US Citizen or Green Card Holder. Additionally, you will be required to take a simple quiz prior to processing your application.

  • How do I know that I am qualified to take up the course?

    Our curriculum has been designed and curated by our academic team across three continents, i.e The U.S., Japan and India, by engineers and academicians to suit and be understood by anyone, from any background with an interest and passion to learn and create a golden opportunity for themselves. Prior to joining, you can take up a simple quiz and start the course!

Payment Plan

  • How does the CPP (Price Plan) work?

    A contingent payment plan allows us to provide education to our students at no upfront cost. It is an easy installment contract that enables you to pay back the tuition fee only after landing a job that pays you more than $40,000 annually. Our students would be making 48 monthly payments of $625 from their monthly income after getting a job.

  • Does the CPP charge interest rates?

    No, it is interest free. You can complete your course stress-free!

  • What is the true cost of TECH I.S. for students who choose the CPP Plan?

    CPP Repayment plan: ONLY when you secure a job paying $40,000 (including tax) or more will you start paying a minimal amount of your earnings towards your CPP Plan.
    Note: No High Paying Job Yet - No Payment Required!
    (If you do not land a high-paying job, you do not pay TECH I.S. anything!)

  • What are the details of the payment?

    After the course, you will be job-ready and highly sought after, once you land a high-paying job that pays you $40,000, you can follow the above mentioned easy payment plan. [$625 for 48 months] On completing your 48 monthly payments, you are free of any obligation under the CPP. Below is a chart encapsulating the final amount you will pay under the CPP, also includes different scenarios and unexpected events.

    * During 4 years (post graduation): $624/month * 48 months
    * In case of unforeseen events, such as losing your job, getting fired...: Payment are stopped till your next job (you will have to notify and verify this event)
    * Post 4 years: In the rare case that you do not earn more than $40K: We charge you $0
    * In case you are not able to secure a job in 4 years: We charge you $0

  • When do my CPP repayments start and what happens if I get fired or leave a job in between?

    Don’t worry, your CPP repayments only come into action once you get placed with a job earning a salary of $ 40,000 Por more.

  • Is there any number of years/tenure within which I have to land a job to start paying?

    TECH I.S. understands your financial hardships or unpredictability. In case you lose your job or your income drops below $40,000 per annum, your payments will automatically be paused if such an event occurs.

  • What happens if I don’t get an offer for 40,000 USD?

    In the rare case that you don't get a job of 40,000 USD, your CPP payments will not start. They will only start if you get a job > 40,000 USD.

  • Do I need to submit any documents on getting my job?

    As per the CPP, you will be legally bound to furnish all the documents relevant to your Income such as Offer letters, Salary Slips, Income Tax Returns, Bank Statements, etc.

  • Do I get a copy of the CPP?

    Absolutely! During our easy and efficient admission process, a copy of every detail will be provided to you!

Class Schedule & Students Experience

  • Are classes online or offline?

    TECH I.S. provides online courses to anyone, anywhere in the world, 24/7.

  • Do you offer full-time or part-time courses?

    We offer both full-time and part-time courses. We suggest that students invest 20 hours a week for part-time. If you invest more time (full time student), you can complete your course earlier and land a job quicker! We recommend that you put in more study time and enjoy the benefits.

  • How do I take my classes and how can we proceed with the course?

    We have three proven methods which have enabled thousands of our students to complete the course without any obstacles and be job-ready!

    * 1 on 1 Pair Programming Sessions Your tutor will give you an in-depth explanation of the course plan/roadmap. Your progress is expedited, whenever you encounter a problem, you will have real-time assistance from professional engineers who will help you understand and reach a conclusion. Just like you would teach children to ride a bicycle, we will hand-hold and support you every step of the course, until you are familiar with the topic and comfortable to code on your own.

    * Cohort Meeting You will be assigned to our cohort group. Each cohort has 1 tutor and a few students. You will need to attend the cohort meeting 5 days a week to address your concerns and report your progress, and tutors will guide you accordingly.

    * Doubt Sessions 24 / 7 available tutors Whenever you are stuck with a problem, just ping us on Slack (Communication Tool) and our tutors will send you a zoom link to solve your doubt within 5 mins (on average).

  • Can I complete my course sooner (before 6 months)?

    You can expedite your course and complete your projects and graduate prior to the 6 month if your schedule permits.

  • Can I take a break between my courses, or is it a stringent 6-month plan?

    Yes, however you need to submit your leave application. There is a limit to the total number of leaves.

  • What if I have an emergency and need to continue the course after some time?

    In case of an emergency, the student can follow a simple process (protocol) Fill up the simple leave form, this will ensure that your tutor team is up to date with any of your absences or requests for leaves.

About Courses

  • How do I decide which course is more suitable for me?

    Attend our free counseling session, speak to our qualified career counselors who will follow a simple method to help you not only understand our process but to also accurately conclude which course is best suited for you.

  • Will I be certified on completion of my course? And is the certificate globally valid?

    Yes! TECH I.S. a renowned online bootcamp and you will be globally certified and our certification is recognised worldwide.

  • What happens if I want to discontinue my course?

    In case of discontinuation, you will be required to pay a prescribed amount which will reimburse TECH I.S. for the number of days you have subscribed to our services.

  • Can I change my course in between?

    Yes, you can, after you discuss with your tutor and your progress is reviewed and approved for this change.

Job Support

  • What kind of job support will be provided?

    From the very beginning, you will participate in career counseling sessions, resume preparation, mock interviews, professional development and networking across platforms such as LinkedIn, recommendations and endorsements which will boost your application.

  • Do you schedule interviews for students?

    We have obtained and scheduled many interviews for our students and successfully helped them land their dream job. On an average, we schedule 5 - 10 interviews for each student to receive a job offer. However, we have never stopped scheduling interviews until they land a job.

About Tutor

  • Do I get to choose my tutor?

    No. All our tutors at TECH I.S. are highly skilled and have undergone tutor-training ensuring that they and their students excel at completing their course and projects successfully and assist you along the way to your dream career.

  • Are the tutors currently studying or IT professionals?

    Absolutely! AT TECH I.S., we have FAANG level tutors who are graduate engineers/fullstack developers and working professionals. You will be in the best hands to answer all your queries and work together towards your goals.