Why should you choose a career in Data Science?

In the simplest of words, Data Science is the study of data and involves using different techniques to draw meaningful insights from a given data set. It spans over various fields of study, including mathematics, statistics, computer science, among others. Recently, Data Science has emerged as one of the most lucrative career choices for freshers. However, many students are unsure whether it is the right choice for them.

Why should you choose a career in Data Science?

There is no right answer for why you should go for a career in Data Science However; there are some facts that might drive you towards this field. These include:-

Data Scientists are one of the most in-demand professionals across the globe. From mid-size firms to multinational corporations, everyone is looking to hire skilled Data Scientists to reach their business goals.

The demand is high, but the supply of data scientists is far less. This means employers will pay top dollar for highly skilled and experienced professionals. One estimate suggests that an experienced data scientist can expect an annual salary of $114k to $140k.

This job is exciting and not dull in any way. Most of the repetitive tasks are automated, and every day will bring something new to work on.


Data Scientist annual salary city wise in the U.S.

Who can be a Data Scientist?

To be a Data Scientist, you’ll need a college degree, preferably in maths, physics, statistics, computer science, or related fields. It is a highly specialized job, and you must possess a specific skill set to excel in it. Unfortunately, if you don’t have a background in the fields mentioned above, then data science might not be the right career choice.

How is Data Science impacting businesses and the world?

Data Science has had a profound impact on business all over the globe. Corporations are now futuristic and ready for dynamic consumer needs. By analyzing complex data, corporations can identify their strengths and edge closer to realizing their goals. It has also had a positive effect on consumers by providing them with precise information.


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