Time to Rethink for a Pandemic-Proof Career?

¤    Reskill during the pandemic 

¤    A surge in tech jobs 

¤    Small to Medium businesses going online

With 30 million jobs lost in the United States, a major part of the American workforce is now rethinking on the next step towards rebuilding their career, which has been dramatically hit by the prolonged pandemic that has impacted the entire global economy of the world in 2020.

During these last few months, it has been evident that students and working professionals are learning new skills and using this time to reconsider their career options. With the advent of technology, a lot of this learning is happening over the internet from the comfort of their home. 

One thing which this pandemic has definitely proved is the fact that a career in technology is one that is highly secured. The demand for technology professionals is one that is on a surge even when millions of other working professionals are losing their jobs, and companies are closing on their hiring for the present financial year. 

With the surge in the unavoidable problems, right from the pandemic to several infamous ones, tech giants have enabled the option of remote working for their employees, ensuring that the work is not hampered, no matter what!

The DICE job (an online technology job site) report suggests tech hiring for tech profiles like web developers, data science roles has gone up in the US tech cities like Silicon Valley, and also up-and-coming cities such as Raleigh, San Diego, CA. There have also been higher job opportunities for IT professionals in Texas and Austin. But on the other side, sectors like food, travel, aviation, hospitality, etc. are seeing a massive round of layoffs and a decline in the overall revenue.

 The past six months have also allowed many small to medium scale businesses to understand the need for the online first business model to reach consumers. There has been a massive demand and shift in the businesses to get online, thus creating a demand for web developers to help these companies make an online shift. In fact, these digital transitions are up by more than 25% as most of the S&M businesses are investing in technology in the US, as reported by the ROI REVOLUTION BLOG. 

To meet the current requirement of the industry, we at TECH I.S. have built a six months curriculum to enable our learners to experience 20 hours of a one-on-one session with a tutor accessible to them round the clock for seven days a week. Our industry-standard data science and web development programs will enable a cohort to build a portfolio by the end of six months of learning, and we will assist them with finding a paid job or paid projects in data science and web development upon completion of the program. 



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