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Explore TechIS Data Science Course, Learn Data Science via a comprehensive curriculum covering statistics, key programming languages, Machine Learning algorithms, and more -- with a capstone project culminating your learning experience. 6 month Online Bootcamp.


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Program Overview

Courses at Web Programming Online Bootcamp

Key Highlights

Techis Data Science course

100+ Hours of Learning

Techis Data Science case studies

10+ Case Studies and Assignments

Techis Data Science Industry

1:1 Mentorship from Industry Mentors

Techis Data Science Program

Dedicated Student Success Mentor

Techis Data Science Course

Build Industry Relevent Portfolio

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360 Degree Career Support

TechIS Data Science Course

Hands on Profile Development

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Techis Data Science Study Material

Access to Study Material Post Course.

Techis Data Science course

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" Meet Hironobu, from starting his career in the defence services he made a career transition as a Software developer, he shares his views on why he started programming, how he benefitted from the TECH I.S. curriculum and his message for future cohorts of TECH I.S. "
Techis Data Science Alumni
Software Developer
"I joined the Web Application Development program. I have immensely gained from the curriculum and the mentors”
Mechanical Engineer

Top Skills You Will Learn

You will be using Predictive Analytics using Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Big Data, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and Big Data Technologies to land a data science job.

Who Is This Program for?

The curriculum is designed for Engineers (Freshers and with any experience) Software and IT Professionals, Product & E commerce folks, Marketing and Sales Professionals, Managers or Executives at Manufacturing, Construction etc.

Web Programming Online Bootcamp

Minimum Eligibility

The Data Science certification is perfect for Fresher or with a minimum of an year of work experience or, Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognised university

Job Opportunities

Start your career as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Machine Learning Engineer, Lead Data Scientist, Research Associate or join as a Data Engineer. 

Programming Language & Tools Covered

Data Science Certification Program

Complete all the courses in 6 months with our tutors to receive the Certification in Data Science from TECH I.S.

Connect with a global network of leaders from Silicon Valley 

Learn 1 on 1 round the clock.

Instructors & Mentors

Learn from Silicon Valley’s leading technology professionals


At TECH I.S. we will teach you programming over online calls using great learning tools. Above all, even as a fresher with zero coding experience, you can match the pace of a professional in 24 weeks after completing the program.

■ Python
■ Seaborn 
■ Matplotlib
■ Pandas
■ NumPy

■ Git
■ Statictics
■ Docker

We help you build a portfolio that will showcase your coding skills and ace job interviews with ease.

■ Machine Learning Foundations.
■ Supervised Learning.
■ Data Preparation.

■ Random Forest
■ Gradient Boosting
■ Clustering
■ Model Evaluation

■ Make Resume
■ Make Github Portfolio
■ Job Introduction



Hours of


Labs, Clinic Sessions & Live Presentations


Case Study &


Tools & Softwares

Industry Projects and Assignments

Learn through real-life projects and assignments across industries

  • Engage in collaborative projects with student-mentor interaction
  • Benefit by learning in-person with expert mentors
  • Focus on Data Science, Data Analytics, REST API, SDLC, AWS

Career Impact

Techis Data Science Course tech


Career Transitions

Techis Data Science Course


Average Salary Hike

Techis Data Science Course


Corporate Partners

Career Impact

Techis Data Science Course


Corporate Partners

Techis Data Science Course tech


Avg Salary Hike

Techis Data Science Course


Career Transitions

Accelerate your career with this acclaimed Post Graduate Program in Data Science, in partnership with Purdue University — in collaboration with IBM, and featuring the perfect mix of theory, case studies and extensive hands-on practicum.

Feature /Benefits

  • Peer-to-peer interaction via offline networking events
  • Industry relevant curriculum for Career Enhancement & Growth
  • Career Support team to build portfolio and provide job opportunity
  • Obtain specific, personalised inputs on your resume structure
  • Receive one-on-one mock interviews conducted
  • industry mentors and detailed feedback after an interview

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Top Questions

  • Why Data Science ?
  • How Certification will help you get a Job?
  • How you will make the difference then other 99%?

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