React JS vs. Angular JS

Mobile app developers are unsure between two different Javascript (JS) versions, namely,
React JS and Angular JS. Both of these technologies are used to create single-page
applications, and making the right choice between them is critical.


Among these two, Angular JS is typescript based open- source web application framework for front- end web development created by Google, while React JS is more of a javascript library used for building User Interface or UI components and it was developed by Facebook. We can compare both of them with some key parameters, including componentization, data binding, and performance.


Angular’s structure is highly flexible due to its three layers architecture – Model, View, and Controller. All three of these work in tandem during a web application development process. We can break down the application code and controllers into separate files, which allows us to use our components in different parts of the website.

Whereas, React’s structure is similar to that of MVC frameworks. It is an extensive library but lacks the View and the Controller, and doesn’t let us create apps on its own. For this purpose, Facebook has rolled out Flux, which controls the application workflow.

Data Binding and Performance

Angular uses two-way data binding, which needs less boilerplate code for the interaction between components. However, two-way data binding also has a major drawback as it compromises the performance due to too many watchers.

React uses one-way data binding with Flux’s help, which controls the flow of data through one control point. This removes complexity and makes debugging much more manageable. Performance-wise, React is a better choice when it comes to web application development using Java

This debate can be compared to that of Linux vs. Windows,  as there is no one size fits all. Full-stack developers use both Angular and React for different web applications depending on the project.


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