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Why do 90% of the beginners/learners fail in their path of becoming an engineer?

Three simple reasons:

1. No Road Map = No sense of direction.
There is no goal-oriented learning that is anticipated to achieve results.

2. No Mentor = No guidance.
Coding is an overwhelming world, when tackled alone, with 1000 doubts and no set solution for all, you’re bound to fail.

3. No clarity on job opportunities = Low motivation & high anxiety.
There is a huge knowledge gap between the qualifications demanded by I.T companies, and the final skills received.

How do we Solve it?

The simplest solution is to have a mentor. But, is it difficult to find? You can meet with our Mentor over a Free trial session to consider potential career prospects tailored to you. Join on to grab a roadmap, meet a mentor, and curate a career path designed to suit your qualifications and dreams. If you further desire personalized mentorship (paid), you can enroll for our courses to boost your possibility of success. See you soon, future engineers.

Book a Free Trial Session↓


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