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TECH I.S. teaches people with high technical aptitude the skills they need to launch a career in tech.

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Our Students learn these skills

Our students have worked on real world projects to get good at these skills

Web Development Program

  • HTML & CSS
  • Javascript & Jquery
  • Python & Django
  • React & Redux
  • Node & ExpressJS
  • SQL
  • Git
  • Testing
  • AWS & Docker

  • Data Science Program

    • Python
    • Database management (SQL)
    • Data Wrangling (Pandas, Numpy)
    • Coding Visualization (Seaborn,  Matplotlib)
    • Descriptive & Inferential Statistics
    • Machine Learning (Supervised, Unsupervised)
    • Algorithms, DevOps - Git, Docker, AWS, Model deployment
    • Neural Networks and applications
    • Recommendation systems

    Why Hire TECH I.S. Graduates?

    Competent & Job Ready –  Our graduates’ have hands-on experience solving real world problems with the technology we teach. The graduates have also undergone soft skills and personal development training as part of their course work.


    Passionate & Hardworking – TECH I.S. graduates have shown their commitment to making a career transition & have successfully completed a rigorous program that requires discipline and persistence and learn a new skill.


    TECH I.S. provides rigorous programs in Web Development & Data Science. The program typically takes 3-6 months to complete.


    The coursework is project based. So our students can show that they can use their tech skills to solve business problems.


    They then work on capstone projects which they demonstrate in their portfolio.


    In our programs each student has 24*7, 1-on-1 access to industry mentors, to facilitate learning, go over real world use cases & provide context for the material covered.


    The students also closely work with our career coaches to help improve their soft skills.

    TECH I.S. students primarily reside in the United States. Most of our students are open to relocating within the US.

    After you let us know what you’re looking for in terms of talent, someone from our team will reach out to you. 


    We’ll learn more about your hiring needs, and then share the profiles of our graduates based on your needs. You can go ahead and Interview them as you normally would.

    No, there are no fees associated with TECH I.S. Placements. We just want to help you build the best team possible!