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25th August 2020 | 06:30pm-07:15pm EST | Virtual

Meet the Speaker

Abhijith Asok

On Life of a Data Scientist at Microsoft

Abhijith is a Data Scientist with Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence Development Acceleration Program (MAIDAP) at Microsoft’s New England Research and Development (NERD) Center in Cambridge MA. He is a Master’s graduate from Harvard University majoring in Data Science with a focus on Healthcare.At Microsoft, he helps multiple Microsoft teams create and integrate AI into their products and services to tackle some of their key problems and advancements.

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Key Takeaways

1. How to start developing key, basic Data Science skills

2. Broad areas to learn for attempting a data science interview

3. Learning from Abhijith’s life as a data scientist in the industry

4. What makes a data scientist a good data scientist?

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Agenda of the Day

07:00-07:05 Speaker Introduction
07:05-07:35 – Session Starts
07:35-07:50 – Q&A with Speaker
07:50 onward – Data Science Career Counselling 

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