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Learn Technology Skills to prepare for the future. Technology will make your team more efficient and sustainable.

Our customized programs are designed to help employees learn IT skills efficiently and continuously.

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The Features of TECH I.S. Program

Cohort meeting

Our tutors will advise you on the effective methods to learn, improve and master programming on a daily basis in the cohort. Students will be managed in the same board so It’s easy to observe student’s progress.

Doubt sessions via Zoom

When you have questions in the course, contact your tutor via Slack at any hour, and you will, on an average, receive a Zoom link within 5 minutes.It's a very efficient way to learn coding.

24/7 Availaility and support

We ensure we are there for you round-the-clock our coaches are available 24/7 to help you learn and build your career in the IT industry as a Data Scientist or a Web Programmer.

Here's some of what we teach


Machine Learning

Get the skill of Machine learning

  • 1 Month   Fundamental of coding
  • 2 Month   Analysis and Statistics
  • 3 Month   Practical Learning

React Course

Get the skill of React Course

  • 1 Month   Fundamental of coding
  • 2 Month   Javascript & React
  • 3 Month   Self Development

Why is coding training so important?

With the rapid growth of technology, staying up to date is essential for the growth of your company. Software training has gained substantial importance when it comes to upgrading the workforce. It provides your employees with a better understanding of computing, performance increase related to business, and improved problem solving skills.

Our Curriculum Curators

Alex Nguyen

Software Engineer at Amazon

My experience at TECH I.S. has been an extremely rewarding one. The training is very dense, but the exercises are very well structured and the teaching material used is really complete and easy to use. The tutors are there to answer our questions on all the steps in a very stimulating atmosphere!

Burhan Senturk

Data Scientis at Google

I reviewed the Tech I.S. Data Science course curriculum and I can easily say that the course covers all the topics you need to learn to be a successful data scientist in some of the largest tech companies

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